Real Science. Real Results.

Tested in the most grueling of conditions by professional guides, athletes and extreme outdoor enthusiasts, the goal of D2W Guide Gear is to always go a step beyond the industry standard in both performance and value. Our priorities have always been to produce the safest, most effective, earth-friendly products possible using REAL SCIENCE as our foundation.

From skin safe biodegradable formulations and improved ergonomics to enhanced product performance that achieves a Best in Class value for the consumer, D2W products are engineered and designed for everyone. From outdoor enthusiast and triathletes to back country campers and pet owners, our earth-friendly enzyme based odor elimination system was made for everyone.

Odorous issues related to sports and other activities will become a thing of the past. D2W Guide Gear is intended for year-round use whether you are using a reel, a tent, or a harness. Our products will knock out those persistant odors from your athletic bag, boots, and athletic running footwear. Whether you are climbing that mountain for a trophy or just for fun, D2W Guide Gear’s rinse free soaps, shampoos and odor eliminating towels will keep you fresh and earth-friendly year round.

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